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Mack Valley's Tricks of the Trade


 Trixie was of my breeding From " Jack" ( Pond Hollow Lego's Point MH)  and "Saydee" ( Ch Pond Hollow Klass's Duck Dreamer) and was born  February 13 2015 out of the "miracle six" litter. As she grew as a  little pup I could tell she was very special. Trixie showed wonderful  confirmation , inquisitiveness and a "fire" in her eyes that I could not  pass up. At 4 months and one day , in her very first show , she took  puppy best of breed and second in puppy sporting group ! I have high  hopes for her and cant wait to show her more and begin serious hunt test  training !  Trixie was shown by me at the American Chesapeake Club's National Specialty show in Raleigh North Carolina in September 2017 and was awarded a second place in the amateur /owner/handled class !


Mack Valley's Blame it on Rio


Introducing "Elsa"  ! So  thrilled to have gotten this stunning girl from recent the "Rio" and  "Saydee" breeding ! Born Dec 23rd 2016 ... I have very high hopes for  this little girl  who is already showing wonderful conformation. She is  VERY "birdie" and smart as a whip ! Cant wait to watch her grow, train  and show her !
   Elsa was shown by me at the American Chesapeake Club's National Specialty show in Raleigh North Carolina in September 2017 and was awarded a fourth place in the 6-12 month puppy class ! She received great praise from a number of judges.


Ch. Pond Hollow Klass's Duck Dreamer


Saydee  was born February 2010 just weeks after losing my first girl. It must  have been an omen as often a wait is required to get a pup from this  source. Due to a cancellation, a sedge girl was available! So we made  the trec to go get her by late April. I was surprised as to how easy her  early days were as she was quite at home being crated and was house  broken within days. We made sure to bring her everywhere! This is  critical to early development of a young Chessie. She loved the  attention she got being pushed around in a carriage at Lowes...she  became a celebrity... :) To this day everyone she meets is greeted like  an old lost friend.
       By eight months we went on our  first hunt together. She has a very high level of birdiness and loves to  retrieve! You'd never know she was new at the game as she was  remarkably steady for a young dog. She was quite comfortable in a small  boat and she had no fear of the gun shots, in fact seemed excited by  them! She was a joy then to hunt with and still is today. More like a  hunting partner than just your retriever .
       At about  that time it became apparent she had what it took to become a real  special girl. We began training to show her in conformation shows. I  frankly needed more training than she did as she was a natural. Once we  finally got the hang of it, we started to place in a show here and  there...then started winning some..before we knew it we had her  championship in sight and finished her in September 2013 as a new AKC  Champion! With me actually showing her to every single one of her  points!
        Our focus now has changed towards training  for and winning her "JH" hunt test title. This should be easy to  accomplish and hopefully we will have it be spring !
        Very sadly , we lost our dear Saydee after complications from surgeries from an obstruction in the beginning of March 2018.  While we are devastated  , she will live in our hearts forever.

" Mitch "

Klass's General Lee

 Mitch , My second Chessie boy obtained from another small breeder who left me in 2014. He had a very rough start from day one, being one of two that survived from a litter of 7. His survival was due only for the heroic efforts of his vet...Which is who he was named after. His pedigree name was in honor of my late father Robert Lee. He had some knee trouble early on which led to two tplo surgeries for acl tears. This had a big effect on his early development and socialization. While he was never perfect ... He was my buddy and taught me more than maybe any other one I ever had.